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  • Zoe Salt

Mammography Room upgrade at Radcliffe Primary Care Centre

Radcliffe Primary Care Centre is one of four buildings developed by Bury Thameside and Glossop Estates Partnership (BTGEP), with property and asset management services for the BTEGP estate portfolio provided by the gbpartnerships manage team.

The state of the art, mixed use, health and wellbeing centre hosts a wide range of services delivered over three floors including 45 consulting and examination rooms, 20 treatment and diagnostic rooms.

Radcliffe PCC has recently benefited from a full refurbishment of its Mammography Room, delivering a much-improved environment for staff and patients that the centre serves.

The gbpartnerships manage projects team, on behalf of BTGEP, delivered the Mammography Room upgrade project which included the removal of obsolete equipment, installation of new flooring, redecoration, new energy efficient LED lighting and the upgrade of electrical connections for the new Mammography equipment.

Radcliffe Primary Care Centre

Mammography Room Upgrade



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